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Welcome To Ahimsa
Ahimsa Vege Health Food Industries Sdn Bhd is a company with a fresh vision to infuse innovation and health technology into local vegetarian food. Our team of professionals includes environmental experts, food specialists, vegetarian food specialists and innovators, all of whom are on a mission to bring a new look, feel, taste and nutrition to traditional vegetarian dishes.

Working close with our suppliers, we use only 100% original raw materials to ensure that whatever we produce meets world-class standards.

Ahimsa Vege Health Food Industries is the first company in the vegetarian food industry to implement industrial-size anti-bacterial, dust-free procedures and facilities. Our state-of-the-art technology also includes high-end storage systems (including giant-size freezers) and quality control systems. Our entire production, operations and management processes are fully compliant with global benchmarks of quality like ISO9001.2200, HACCP, QS. We are also a Halal-Certified company.

Our main corporate objective is to always keep the promises made to our customers through our solid integrity and consistent commitment to quality. For this, we have been recognized and supported by business partners and clients alike.

Ahimsa Vege Health Food Industries aims to provide an innovative series of food products which is unique in taste, nutrition and health. It is our goal to satisfy our customers both locally and around the world. Ultimately, we hope to create a new generation of vegetarians nurtured on a diet of healthy carbon-free food and enjoying fresh, appreciative and harmonious lifestyle.

About Us

Originating from Malaysia our food products are inspired by local cuisines Nyonya, Chinese, Indian, Malay cooking styles.

Anyone who have been to our restaurants Nan King Court and Cameleon since the early days 1980s would have known how tasty our meals can be. Ingredients responsibly sourced and designed with love and care to bring you the best from our kitchen to your table. Quality unlike any other.

Over the years we have expanded our market through travelling and discovering new recipes from Thailand and western neighboring counties burger and snacks supplying to New Zealand and Australia.

All our food is suitable for anyone as we are halal, 100% vegetarian friendly, HACCP certified and made in Malaysia.

Our products includes sauces, frozen food , chef designed ready meals , seasonings and snacks . Delivering best taste to suit your plate whether you are vegetarian or not .

We also provide manufacturing and production services for foreign and local market.


Ahimsa means practicing abstinence from causing neither pain nor harm to any living creature, either by thoughts, words or deeds. Respect all living beings and eliminate all types of violence.

Creating peace through our words and deeds, we strive to deliver meals with compassion of the best quality.


Ahimsa Group, founded in 1986 with the establishment of its first vegetarian restaurant “The Cameleon ” , Nan King Court, followed by its first vegetarian food manufacturing facility was established in 1995.

Today, Ahimsa Group has many vegetarian restaurants outlets of various concept in the Klang Valley with vegetarian food manufacturing facility located in Beranang, Selangor.

Ahimsa Group has emerged as the leading vegetarian and health food manufacturer in the country with our market extending to Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and we are making inroad to new market in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

The process of Research & Development is an ongoing one with our aim of enhancing and improving our products as well as in introducing a wider range of vegetarian and health food products.

Going forward the company is seeking to widen the availability of its products and services through the collaborations retailers and vegetarian restaurant in the future.

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