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下雨天 煮了 #廊酒姜丝香菇饭 和 #四宝粥 无需放任何调味料 好吃好吃😋 see more
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素食也可以很简单 , 取在与自己如何发挥。 感恩今天从旁协助的哥哥与妹妹 ,晚餐才能够快速完成。 see more
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My own creation of Creamy Mushroom Gravy over Rice and Smoke.. see more
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第一次做 #韩国石锅拌饭 Homemade Korean Bibimbap for dinner see more
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自己动手做早/午餐 •Tomato Spaghetti and •Japanese Bento Lunch Box.. see more
Jalan Istimewa 9/KU 3, 42100 Klang
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今日午餐:芝士焗饭 Lunch 🍴: Rice with Baked Cheese Topping fresh from.. see more
Jalan Istimewa 9/KU 3, 42100 Klang
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