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Davina Da Vegan
Sep 6th 2019, 1:10PM
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Testing out Mangosteen Tea. All those supplements that feature mangosteen extract actually tap into the goodness of the rind, which contains powerful antioxidants. I took the rind of several pesticide-free mangosteens, rinsed them and left them in the sun to try. Then I boiled all of it in water for half an hour.

What does it taste like? Safe to say, nothing like the flesh! It has very slight hints of berry, but also extremely bitter, and the astringent quality of it is overwhelming - like having overly brewed black tea. To be honest I felt a little ill afterwards! Perhaps I made it too concentrated... maybe I should have just steeped the sundried rinds in boiling-point water? There’s a liter of tea left and I guess it’s going to replace my next toilet flush. It was still worth a shot, and perhaps with an improved method of making it, it could be worth another. Any suggestions are welcomed!
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