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Davina Da Vegan
Jun 26th 2020, 1:10PM
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On days that overwhelming numbers of orders of my Dessert Collection go out, like today, it means not much time or kitchen space to cook meals from scratch. One thing I’ve been relying on is salad. Lots and LOTS of salad. I’ve been making sure that when I open the fridge at any time, there are fresh staples like tomato, cucumber and lettuce. Whatever needs cooking, like sweet potatoes or beans, I cook them in bulk and keep them in the fridge. So whenever I need a meal, it’s just a matter of assembling, and if there’s enough variety, it can change from day to day. Another thing I’ve been doing is making a bunch of falafels and storing them in the freezer, so when I feel like adding a fried element, I just heat up oil in a pan and the falafels go straight in there without needing to thaw, and they’re done in 5 minutes! I love falling back on the falafel recipe by @toriavey. A drizzle of olive oil, a pinch of salt, and a squeeze of lime is all I need if I want to make it more palatable. Beautiful large bowls like this one keep me light and energized to push through long 15-hour days of baking, cooking, dish-cleaning and packing orders. Keeping your fridge colorful with fresh salad-y produce is a game-changer if you have a busy schedule like mine. Some omnivores believe that all vegans eat is salad... but even if it were the case, wouldn’t that be the life?
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