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Eco Life Kitchen
No. 40-4 (Level 4), Jalan Metro Pudu, Fraser Business Park, ..
Jul 7th 2015, 9:29PM
MeiMei,  PiggyLovesToEat like this    
The Nasi Lemak set comes with Fruit Salad but it was sold out, so replaced with House Salad which is equally nice and refreshing. Sweet mangoes mixed with coleslaw-style vegetables, topped with passion fruit!
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PiggyLovesToEat   Jul 7th 2015 at 10:04PM
Your house salad looks nice too! πŸ˜„
FatJedi   Jul 7th 2015 at 11:42PM
Yup its very nice! Especially with the passion fruit on top
JoeyLee   Jul 8th 2015 at 12:07AM
They probably ran out of banana n drahonfruit. Mine ran out of alfalfa sprouts the last time I was there.
MeiMei   Jul 8th 2015 at 1:06AM
Oh wey that's a lot of mango for a salad! Can I request this to replace my fruit salad next time?
FatJedi   Jul 8th 2015 at 1:07AM
Actually this costs less than the fruit salad haha! You sure you wanna replace? =P
MeiMei   Jul 8th 2015 at 1:18AM
Aiks then no thanks! 😝
PiggyLovesToEat   Jul 12th 2015 at 10:55PM
Mine also ran out of alfalfa lol! But doesn't matter lar, I still love my fruit salad 😍
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