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Wong Kok SS2
Petaling Jaya
May 11th 2016, 9:13PM
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Fried Chee Cheong Fun with scrambled egg and dried radish, 桂花菜圃肠粉. The egg and radish are very fragrantly cooked.

The fried rolls are really filling -- every piece is huge and solid! Eating half of the pieces already got me stuffed. A bit oily too.
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PiggyLovesToEat   May 12th 2016 at 12:37PM
First time I see got this kind of deep fried Chee Cheong Fun. I think it's the oil that keeps you full haha!
FatJedi   May 12th 2016 at 7:26PM
That's true haha! Half of the fullness is from the oil. And it's not like Yao Zha Guai where inside is mostly hollow... this one is almost 100% solid with chee cheong fun!
JoeyLee   May 13th 2016 at 6:56PM
Whoa I tot it's Yao Zhi Huai at first glance. I wanna go try this. Sounds interesting !!
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