Gadhimai: Ending Mass Slaughter


The Gadhimai festival held every 5 years in southern Nepal is the world's largest ritual slaughter, with over 250,000 animals sacrificed in 2009.

The Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal and other welfare organizations have rigorously campaigned to end its cruelty, with encouraging results and reduced slaughter in 2014.

The next event is slated for Dec 3rd, 2019, and funds are urgently needed to mobilize large teams to conduct awareness campaigns and educate the people against animal sacrifice.

Your timely contribution will be vital in ending the mass slaughter.

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The Ghadimai Festival

Gadhimai festival is a sacrificial ceremony held every 5 years at the Gadhimai Temple of Bariyarpur, south of the capital Kathmandu, Nepal.

Over 2 million pilgrims from Nepal and India participate, believing that animal sacrifices to the Hindu goddess Gadhimai will end evil and bring prosperity.

Male water buffaloes, white mice, pigeons, roosters, ducks and swine are sacrificed, with 200 men performing the ritual killings in a concrete slaughterhouse near the temple.

After the festival, the meat, bones and hides of the animals are sold to companies in India and Nepal.

Seeds of Hope

With the unity, perseverance and rigorous campaigning of numerous parties, significant progress has been achieved in recent years:
  • The Supreme Court of Nepal has banned animal sacrifice
  • The Supreme Court of India sealed the Indo-Nepal border
  • Senior politicians & religious leaders condemned the sacrifice
  • Nepal's Armed Police Force & India's SSB were engaged
  • Meat & hide contractors have pulled out of the event
  • Thousands of local villagers are now anti-sacrifice proponents
  • Department of Livestock endorsed Exclusion Zone to prevent animals from reaching the temple
In August 2016, the Supreme Court of Nepal issued a verdict banning animal sacrifice, kick-starting strategic plans to end the practice.

Read the full Gadhimai Verdict here »

Campaign & Fundraising Objectives

With the new legislation in place, a tremendous amount of work and strategic plans need to be executed to raise awareness, enforce the ban, educate the public and prevent further mass slaughter.

A large number of ground teams need to be mobilized before, during and after the event to reach out to the pilgrims, convincing them to stop the practice of animal sacrifice and encouraging them on compassionate alternatives.

A range of government-endorsed messages, educational materials and banners will need to be disseminated across a wide area of nearby towns and villages.

Ground teams will also be involved in documenting the event, monitoring the pilgrim's sacrificial activities and collecting necessary statistics for post-event assessment.

Funds are urgently required to achieve the above purposes. Your donation will be received by our good friends at Global Resource Alliance, Inc , a registered U.S. non-profit (as required by GoFundMe), then channeled to The Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal.

Thank you for your kindness in helping save hundreds of thousands of precious animal lives!

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