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Glad to share with you all the simple home cooked vegetarian.. see more
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SS Vegetarian Corner 这是一间位于吉隆坡Kg. Attap 刚营业的印度素食餐厅(五幸素,含葱蒜).. see more
SS Vegetarian Corner
No. 48G, Jalan Kampong Attap, 50460 Kuala Lumpur
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简单纯素饼干 材料: 有机低筋面粉、有机金龙舌蜜 (organic blue agave nectar)、 烹饪用椰子油.. see more
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大家好!好久都没上菜了! 今天和大家分享昨天煮的黄姜杏鲍菇沙爹串。材料简单易煮。 希望大家喜欢。 黄姜杏鲍菇沙爹串 .. see more
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