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Joey's pasta a la espanol #smokedpaprika #sundriedtomatoes #truffleoliveoil #porcinimushroom #capsicum #onions #mushrooms #digil.. see more
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A nice hearty salad with hard boiled eggs, cheese, broccoli , avocado, tomato , lettuce and some sesame sauce. #kindmeal #LaMaiso.. see more
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My sorta Big Breakfast at home. Some garlic butter mushrooms and some avocado n 7grains bread with some fresh passion fruit as des.. see more
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My avocado +tomato +lettuce +fetacheese double decker sandwich with sesame sauce for my lunch! #lamaisonjoey #kindmeal #MeatFree .. see more
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Homecooked mushroom spinach cheesy macaroni #kindMeal #MeatFree #DigiLetsInpire #JoeylnyCooks #laMaisonJoey
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Tomato sauce fried rice with long beans , carrots , onions , tomato , garlic. Simple and yummy. #kindMeal #MeatFree #DigiLetsInpir.. see more
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Homecooked Vege Burger.. I made my own patty from scratch.. Mashed Potato, purple cabbage, carrots ,feta cheese, salt n pepper. .. see more
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Homemade Nepalese Steamed momos with mint and coriander chutney. #joeylnycooks #kindmeal #DiGiLetsInspire
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The Colourful ingredients of my homemde dumplings. Its actually very yummy and delicious.. Just have to chop all the vege into sma.. see more
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I love making vege wraps at home.. Its yummy filling and easy to make.. This time i put a lot of ingredients.. Alfafa, sprouts, e.. see more
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I dont like soft drinks , coffee or tea . I prefer fresh fruit juice over any of the above. So i always juice my vege n fruits at.. see more
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I love Fruit juice and so i made a fresh healthy juice out of these ingredients.. Kale, Green Apple, Beet Root , pear, carrot n or.. see more
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I love exploring food. I don't eat to live. I live to eat ! I am a foodie. I cook , I snap , I eat ! πŸ˜€ masterchef in the making too😝🍴