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Hari-Hari Datang Chinese Foodcourt
55000 Kuala Lumpur
Apr 13th 2016, 2:46PM
CarolTan,  IvyNg,  MeiMei,  BluePenguin  &  3 food lovers like this    
Finally tried the lei cha here. It's quite nice and reasonably priced. Rm6.50 only.
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BluePenguin   Apr 14th 2016 at 10:37AM
Oo looks different. The White thingy is onions?
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 14th 2016 at 10:55AM
So izit the best Leicha you have ever tried?
JoeyLee   Apr 14th 2016 at 11:27AM
It's not onions. But not sure what Issit. I just mix them up n gobble up. Lol.
Wont say the best but quite good. Worth trying
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 14th 2016 at 12:30PM
One day I must go and try it too!
JoeyLee   Apr 14th 2016 at 1:01PM
But I would go there regularly now since it's so near to me.
MeiMei   Apr 14th 2016 at 4:42PM
I love the soup! Thick and served hot! But the ingredients are different from what i had earlier huh
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 14th 2016 at 5:24PM
Maybe the ingredients depend on what they can buy that day.
JoeyLee   Apr 14th 2016 at 5:25PM
I actually love the ingredients here. If I am not mistaken the white one is cabbage. Then u have daun manis , long beans , etc
FatJedi   Apr 14th 2016 at 8:54PM
I like the shop name.. Hari-Hari Datang!
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 15th 2016 at 10:42AM
Typical China ah pek (@FatJedi) likes kinda name lol 😝
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