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4 4
Kimchi fried rice for dinner.
6 2
Simple brunch or breakfast. Ham and cheese egg muffins. Can't believe it is so yummy! Have fun making for your family.. Youtube:.. see more
3 2
This set should cost how much? Had this for my lunch. Homemade still the best. Less salt and No MSG! Yummy! Mushrooms Oglio Olio.. see more
5 2
First time making this cereal mushrooms. Improvement definately needed.
5 4
Home cook Curry for dinner. Goes with plain bread.. yummy...
6 6
Kimchi french fries. Simply love it.
7 5
Going to make this set meal again over the weekend. Vegetarian Spicy Burger
8 3
Home made egg muffins. Recipe coming up soon! Real soon.. hahaha..
8 10
Again.. I had Vegetarian Kimchi Noodles for Dinner. Yummy!
May's Vegetarian Kitchen
7 4
Korean Kimchi Noodles @ Boneless Kitchen. Wonderful lunch with boss. Finally a Korean noodle satisfy my craving.
The Commerze At Irving Singapore
1 Irving Place, 369546 Singapore
7 6
Vegetarian Mushrooms spaghetti All done in 10min.
6 6
Vegetarian Fried Chicken Rice This is my lunch. Meatless recipe. Yummy.
Jurong East St 21 Blk 231
60 Singapore
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About MayNg
I'm a lacto ovo vegetarian who loves food and loves to create new dishes that are meat free so that I can share with people who are around me. Latest creation is the Popular Vegetarian KFC that had been circulating around in the internet and I'm happy that alot of you had benefited from it!

My tagline is ' Say No to Meat. Sharing is Caring.'