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A Delicious KindMoment..
Dec 30th 2019, 3:10PM
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《Taiwan night market mushrooms and Smelly Toufu》

Im definitely a mushrooms lover. I cant live without mushrooms. Hahaha! So if i go night market, I only aim mushrooms stall and smelly toufu!

There are different types of mushrooms style in the night market and I personally prefer the below:

1) Fried king oyster in the Jiufen which is the 天下第一菇. Although I love how the taste and texture of the ones in Danshui Old street, but in terms of crispy feel and overall taste, i like the ones in Jiufen more.

2) Grilled oyster mushrooms in ShiLin night market as they have different flavour. I like the lemon flavour as it is Sourish and refreshing when you bite it and plus the combo of the juice from the musrooms, it is 👍👍👍👍. Its the tinge of lemoness taste wins. But if say go for original, the one in Jiufen old street is definately way better.

3) Fried Enoki from Yilan Dongmen Night Market. It is crispy and yet you can have the feel of the mushrooms unlike the ones in Danshui Old Street which is too fried and I feel like I'm eating biccuits. Just like tidbits...

Too bad this time I did not go Taichung so cant recommend anything from there. But their smelly toufu from 一心素食 and the fried Mushrooms from The stall is lagi best de. 👍👍👍

PS: Didnt know that Shilin had change abit so I cant find the mushrooms stall that I used to go which is along the road side. I presume no longer there.

Also missing one is the grilled Smelly Toufu in the middle of the entrance road which is tend by a auntie. Shilin Night market had change after my last visit in 2017.
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