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Salads, Sammich and Juices For 2
Salad Atelier   -   Kuala Lumpur & 4 Branches
Apr 12th 2015, 4:13PM
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This is a very value for money deal, I think it can be for 2-3 pax. Taste wise it was great, but because we went to The Intermark branch, the management doesn't allowed them to sell fruit juices there, refillable plain water is given. And they replaced our fruit juices with another adult salad. One minor note, we thought we can choose the bread, ingredients and toppings for the adult wich, but they made it without asking us to choose. The wich is nice, but too close to our custom made salads. I would still rate them based on the tastes of the food, but hope that KindMeal can communicate with their management about this.
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JoeyLee   Apr 12th 2015 at 5:58PM
The adult wich cant choose.. then how bout the other two adult salad can choose? i wanted to go try this tmr coz its very near my place
FatJedi   Apr 12th 2015 at 8:48PM
Very healthy and green meal with superfoods! Fruits nuts and vege go great together. If there's poached egg then will be perfect!
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 12th 2015 at 10:56PM
@Joey, yes. The salads can choose. I think they prepared the wich for us without asking us to choose, because it was during lunch peak hours. The wich was delivered to our table directly, and not self-serviced like our salads. I guess you can choose the wich. But I would suggest that you go and try at The Weld outlet, cause then you get the full set as stated. They can't serve fruit juices at The Intermark outlet, as there are other stalls that are selling juices. And go early, before some most welcomed ingredients get snatched! We managed to get the last bit of strawberries lol!
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 12th 2015 at 10:57PM
Forget to ask them if can add poached egg lol ☺
JoeyLee   Apr 12th 2015 at 10:58PM
So it means with this kindmeal u get 3 salad, 1 sammich in intermark?
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 12th 2015 at 11:01PM
And two refillable plain water. That is what we got after we talked to the boss, it was a last minute decision. I guess you can get the same too, before the boss changed his mind lol!
JoeyLee   Apr 12th 2015 at 11:14PM
ohh cool then 3 pax can share this meal n buy our own drinks from other stalls
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 12th 2015 at 11:32PM
Yup! You can actually do that! And share KindMeal app with your friends! ☺
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