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Pies Conquer The World
A Pie Thing   -   Petaling Jaya & 1 Branches
Sep 6th 2017, 12:28AM
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Sob sob..Vege pie is sold out so i tried these two pies.Nevertheless the apple crumble pie is superb. Thanks KindMeal for the great price. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‚
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FatJedi   Sep 6th 2017 at 11:12PM
I tried their spinach pie, very creamy and filling! What's the other pie you tried?
PiggyLovesToEat   Sep 6th 2017 at 11:51PM
Both are sweet pies?
VyVian   Sep 7th 2017 at 8:50PM
Another pie is caramel cheese. Both are sweet pies but caramel pie sweeter. I recommend you guys to try the apple crumble pie. Great taste with cinnamon.
FatJedi   Sep 8th 2017 at 9:04PM
Both sound so sweetly irresistible!
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