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Biogreen Valentime Bakery   -   Puchong & 4 Branches
Jan 30th 2015, 10:12PM
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I may not have flat abs or buns of steel (yet!), but at least I have these Vegan Buns of Yum from Biogreen Valentine Organic Bakery, thanks to a massive MealDeal discount voucher!
Once again, KindMeal helped me discover another noteworthy new-to-me F&B outlet.
You can purchase organic products as well as baked goods at this chain of retail stores and bakeries, and if you sign up as a Biogreen member between now and May 2015, your membership fee is waived and you are entitled to a 10% discount on all your purchases.
For those on a budget, day-old buns and loaves of bread are sold in the freezer compartment for only RM1-2 each. Since these products contain no preservatives, just toss them in the oven or frying pan and you're golden!
I bought these for a nature excursion tomorrow so we're going to have these buns for breakfast.
I had the Mushroom Boat (obolong thing, lower left) and it was delicious, like a dense pizza bun with a generous portion of vegetables and mushrooms on top.
Tomorrow's breakfast is going to be a winner already, I can tell.
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PiggyLovesToEat   Feb 1st 2015 at 12:19AM
Wah, you many different breads you bought! So which one is the nicest to you?
BiogreenValentime   Feb 2nd 2015 at 9:34AM
Hi Ee Lynn! Thank you for your super review and we are excited to read it! May we have permission to share your review on our official Biogreen facebook fans page?
WongEeLynn   Feb 2nd 2015 at 11:26AM
Dear Biogreen Valentime, I would be honoured to have you share my review.
SiewKhian, my favourite is the mushroom charcoal bun thing, I think it was called a Mario. I also liked the seaweed crispy floss roll. The best thing about their buns is that they are generous with toppings and fillings.
PiggyLovesToEat   Feb 10th 2015 at 1:22AM
Oooh, makes me feel like going there to try all their buns!
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