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Good Food By Gan
Aug 3rd 2021, 1:10PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    
Moments of the week (a.k.a What I eat in a week 🍽🦖💛)

1. Yu xiang eggplants 鱼香茄子
2. Fried taro dumplings/Wu gok芋角
3. Banana toast ( nut butter &@organicule
Hemp seeds and cacao nibs)
4. Baked cheese pasta (my bolognese recipe & @myplantdeli cheese)
5. Cinnamon roll

I have been less active on social media. Partly it's because I am busy, but mostly it's because I am tired 😴

I tried to develop recipe and shoot video as much as possible on my off day but lately I realised that I totally forgot to rest. I mean it's my off day mah kan...

Today I spent my morning drinking some healthy smoothie and exercise. Tbh I have not done this in a long time because I usually just start working and skip my breakfast 🌻

Then, I cleaned up my room and cupboard, which I have procrastinated for months to do so 🥀

I made a nice bolognese pasta for myself as dinner and finally, I made some cinnamon rolls 🔪 because I was craving for it, not for creating content (but I shot the recipe video tho, somebody stop me please LOL).

I am still learning how to rest. Like real rest, not just lying down and scrolling phone. And I think I did a great job today 🦥
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