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Good Food By Gan
Nov 8th 2021, 7:10PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    
Things you can do with @organicule Cacao powder 🙊🍫

- Use it in baking! I made chocolate macarons and they looked so adorable 🐻
- Add it into your bread dough to make chocolate bread! 🍞
- Smoothie🥤just blend together frozen banana, a splash of milk and cacao powder - Whoala, You got your yummy smoothie done!
- Vegan nutella 🌰 Make a healthy alternative to your favourite sugary morning spread! Find the recipe in my guide!
- Chocolate chia pudding! A simple yet satisfying snack/breakfast 🌞
- Snowskin mooncakes 🥮 It makes traditional recipes better! Cacao powder just has a richer and better flavour than cocoa powder. If you love chocolate flavoured dessert, picking a good quality cacao powder is essential to create good desserts!
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