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Raw Chef Yin
Sep 3rd 2018, 8:10PM
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Cultured Cheesecake with Pitaya (raw vegan)

Made these yesterday since I had some pink pitaya (dragon fruit) with me. Those who are coming for the cultured cheesecake workshop on 3 September will get to sample it.😋

People always ask me why raw vegan cheesecakes have no cheese in them so nowadays I make sure I culture my cashews first so it has the authentic taste of cheese. Also, this steps makes the nuts much more easily digestible as they have already been broken down during the fermentation process. There's no need to add lemon to mimic the taste of cheese because this one is already made with cashew nut cheese.🍰🧀

Although I find people seem to have mixed feelings about sour cheesecake. My friends from San Francisco agreed that cheesecake should be sour. I did an informal poll on Facebook and some said they prefer it sweet. Others vote for less sweet and leaning on the sour side.🤔

What do you think? Sweet cheesecake or sour cheesecake?
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