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Raw Chef Yin
Feb 21st 2019, 1:10PM
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Passion Fruit Ice Cream (raw vegan) by #RawChefYin

There’s something about ice cream that everyone just loves. In my early days of chef training, I was really surprised to learn that one could actually make ice cream without using any dairy or eggs at all. And in the past year, I’ve experimented and found how to make it as creamy as traditional ice cream. The secret is including organic hemp hearts in the recipe!

So not only is your ice cream guilt-free as it’s made of good stuff like coconut flesh and cashews, but it’s also has protein. Passion fruit is one of my favourite fruits and it has loads of health benefits including boosting immunity, aids in digestion and improves blood circulation.

I also made a raw vegan biscuit crumble with activated almonds and it’s naturally sweetened with dates which are great for fibre.

The mango sauce is just made from pure mango which has been dehydrated so you get a thick consistency without the need to add any more sugars. Traditionally fruit sauces contain a lot of white sugar but I’ve found that if you get the ripest and sweetest mangoes, there’s really no need for additional sweeteners. After going raw vegan, my tongue can detect artificial sweeteners immediately which I really frown on so my food contains only unrefined, natural sweeteners.
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