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Raw Chef Yin
Apr 30th 2019, 3:10PM
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TOMATO NIGIRI by #RawChefYin.🍣🍣🍣

I used quinoa to replace the rice. There's a bit of @thevegandairy cheese to make it stick together.

"Salmon" was made with tomatoes marinated in ✔️Organic soy sauce from@tais_choice_kitchen delivered by @everleafstoremalaysia
✔️Smoked paprika
✔️Ground nori seaweed
✔️Unpasteurized Miso

Topped with microgreens from @greenpatchmalaysia 🌱

No fish were harmed in making this onigiri. I still have a hard time explaining to family members that salmon isn't good for their health. They insist that it's healthy even though I talk about mercury, micro-plastics, contaminants, etc. I explained the horrors about farmed salmon but they don't get it either.
I just read this on @mindbodygreen by David Robinson Simon:

"Nutritionist John McDougall, MD, for example, warns salmon is “half fat” and says eating it increases the risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes. And the USDA says ounce for ounce, salmon contains just as much cholesterol as hamburger. But wait … what about those healthy Omega-3s everyone seems to crave?

Unfortunately, research finds fish-based Omega-3s inhibit the action of insulin, thereby increasing blood sugar levels and aggravating diabetes. Another study shows fish-derived Omega-3s greatly increase the volume of colon cancer metastasis when compared to a low-fat diet. And forget salmon if you’re worried about bone density: the fish’s highly-acidic flesh speeds calcium loss and contributes to osteoporosis and kidney stones."😨
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