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Raw Chef Yin
Aug 20th 2020, 6:10PM
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ROSE PISTACHIO HALVAH (raw vegan) by Raw Chef Yin 🌹🌹

I always tell myself I’ll just have one square but I end up eating at least 3! 😅

I remember checking out the booths at the Brighton Vegan Summer Festival in 2019 and there was this looooooong queue for the halvah there. The guy selling it was a great salesperson. I was so impressed with his pitch and hustle. I also didn’t wanna buy it coz it was expensive and my excuse to myself was it would be too sweet. Except that he said his halva was sugar-free. Haha, good comeback. 😆

Anyways, Mr Jazz Guitarist took one bite of this and said “we never have to buy halvah ever again. This one tops them all.” 💯💯💯
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