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Raw Chef Yin
Sep 22nd 2020, 8:10PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    

Super excited with this lesson coz I love love love gyozas and dumplings! I used the following for the filling, and kept some of it raw (celery, ginger, chili, microgreens):
- shiitake mushrooms
- Red cabbage, chopped
- Green onions
- leek, chopped
- celery, chopped (to replace the carrot which was not on the PDF grocery list)
- Ginger, chopped
- Red chili, chopped
- Garlic
- chopped
- Bok choy microgreens from @thefarmasia
- Mizuna microgreens from @thefarmasia
- Soy sauce from @mu.soysauce
- Sesame oil
- Salt

For the wrapper, I used rice paper instead as based on the pot pie lesson, white flour makes me quite ill and I really wanted to eat this gyoza.

I feel I still need practice folding the dumplings!
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