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Raw Chef Yin
Oct 18th 2020, 3:10PM
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My submission to @foodfutureinstitute
"Dosa is something I've been eating for over 30 years as South Indian food stalls are found everywhere here in Kuala Lumpur. Funnily enough, I've never made it because it's so affordable to just buy it. (You can get one piece for 2 US quarters!).

Since I don't have a working stovetop, I had to improvise and bake the dosa in my toaster oven instead.

For the curry, I thought I had chickpeas but in reality, I ran out. So I used adzuki beans instead. And I used pea milk instead of coconut milk as I had that with me. I'm sure coconut milk would taste more authentic. I'm a bit surprised there's no ginger in the curry as the holy trinity of Indian curry is always onions, ginger, garlic. Maybe you can help explain more?

As for the chutney, I used freshly grated coconut instead of tofu. That's how the South Indians here make the chutneys here. Plus tofu doesn't gel too well with me and since I had already included tofu in the curry, best not to put it in the chutney too.

I'm thinking I'd love to make all sorts of other dosas once I have the right equipment :) Thank you! "

Fantastic work here! Your dosa looks great, it appears that it has enough bubbles from the fermentation process and the color is a nice golden brown. I understand about your equipment, once you get the right one simply spread your dosa thinner and bigger. The curry looks comforting and the vegetables are cut a good size, good call on your substitution. Regarding the ginger, it is definitely a staple, but it isn't used in every single dish. This is also our own interpretation, that's why you will find modifications to such original recipes, but you are welcome to add ginger next time! :) The rice is cooked well and appears to have a great bite to it. Your coconut chutney looks delicious as well with the perfect consistency. Amazing work overall and looking forward to seeing your next creations!

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