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Raw Chef Yin
Jul 4th 2024, 7:10PM
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⏰Are you looking for time-saving hacks on your raw vegan journey?

I’m super busy today as I want to do 2 livestreams and also tick off a whole bunch of items on my checklist.

And yet I still want to eat wholesome, nourishing raw food.

I quickly whipped up my lunch today and these 2 things helped me save time:

1️⃣Made big batch salad dressings in advance and froze them so I didn’t have to make them again from scratch.
2️⃣Made my own big batch of various ferments and store them in the fridge so I can use them as toppings for my salads. These add probiotics into your meals and also tons of flavour. Plus gives you that added crunch to your salads.

Here’s what’s in my salad today!

✅Leafy greens 300g including kai lan, choy sum, siew pak choy, misome
✅Cherry Tomatoes
✅Purple Carrot
✅Goji berries
✅Red cabbage sauerkraut
✅Lacto-fermented belimbing buluh
✅Brazil nut
✅Fresh jackfruit
✅Thai green and red chillies
✅Seaweed I got from Japan
✅Japanese cucumber
✅Red lentil sprouts

🍅This was a raw vegan marinara sauce actually… I can’t remember which recipe I used coz it was sometime ago when I froze it but I think it might have been the one in @rawfoodromance’s Hand Salads eBook. I love her sauce and dressing recipes as the flavours are deep and robust. That helps when eating very green vegetables which might be a bit bitter when it’s raw and you’re new to raw vegan food.

If you’re interested in making your own ferments, I have a “Fun With Ferments” eBook 👉https://rawchefyin.gumroad.com/l/UOMzn or click link in my IG bio. Only 7 USD for the eBook which won an award in 2020 (Winner of Gourmand World Cookbook Awards E19 Fermentation)
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