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The Truth About Chickens
by KindMeal.my, 12 September 2014
Industrial breeding has created chickens that grow at a freakishly rapid rate: up to three times faster than just 60 years ago. These huge birds are commonly crammed into small spaces, and many spend their short lives injured and sick, unable to even walk.

Farming practices have changed drastically over the years. In 1925 it took 16 weeks to raise a 2.5 pound chicken. Today, it takes only six weeks to raise a five pound chicken, according to the ASPCA. Instead of considering the well being of the chickens, it’s sadly all about the profit.

The ASPCA reports: "The practices on poultry farms are not only cruel but also raise serious food safety concerns. Chicken causes more foodborne illness than any other meat, and this is not surprising when you see the filthy conditions they are raised in."

Want to learn more? Visit http://truthaboutchicken.org/

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