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Last Month We Assisted Over 150 Maine Voters In Submitting A Petition Seeking To..
by Compassion Over Killing, 21 September 2022
Last month we assisted over 150 Maine voters in submitting a petition seeking to enforce Maine’s animal cruelty laws to protect fish and other aquatic animals in Maine’s aquaculture industry. The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Animal Welfare Program (DACF-AWP) has responded, indicating that it has no intention of complying with the law. Today, Animal Outlook replied, reminding DACF-AWP of its legal obligation to apply the state’s animal cruelty laws to Maine’s booming aquaculture industry.

The petition stems from the first-ever undercover exposé of a U.S. salmon aquaculture operation, conducted by Animal Outlook in 2019 in Bingham, Maine. The investigator documented workers stomping on fish, slamming them into concrete, and exposing them to filthy tanks, with many fish suffering from fungal infections or deformities. The investigation also brought to light that no state agency has crafted regulations for applying Maine’s anti-cruelty laws to millions of aquatic animals that those laws are intended to protect.

Read more: https://animaloutlook.org/legal-advocacy/#maine

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