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Mother Pigs Are Still Suffering In Denny''s Supply Chain After The Company Promis..
by Animal Equality, 18 February 2023
Mother pigs are still suffering in Denny's supply chain after the company promised to end the extreme confinement of these intelligent and sensitive animals over a decade ago. 🐷💔

Top executives of Denny's have the power to end this cruelty but continue to ignore their responsibility to these animals and their consumers. 💥TAKE ACTION💥 Let them know their silence is unacceptable:

➡️ Write Denny's board member Laysha Ward: https://animalequality.org/action/laysha-ward-dennys

➡️ Write board member Bernadette Aulestia: https://my.animalequality.org/a/bernadette

➡️ Write board member José Gutiérrez: https://animalequality.org/action/jose-gutierrez9

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