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Imaginative Dining
by KindMeal.my, 30 September 2014
Imaginative Dining

When we talk about fine dining, the conversation inevitably begins and ends with the food. Reasonable enough – there's no such thing as a good meal without nourishing and delicious food, but aesthetics also play a part. These brilliantly designed tables would surely be the focal point of any dining room, adding glamour, elegance or whimsy to every meal.

How about the Swing-set Table, with all six seats and the tabletop itself hanging suspended from the frame? The luminous blue-green piece is called the "Take Me to the Lake" table. The Leaf Table has golden-coloured veins and scalloped edges, and the Picnic Table needs no additional comment. The Glass River Table is one of the masterpieces of American furniture maker, Greg Klassen.

So many of us nowadays lead harried lives; we may feel too rushed to dine thoughtfully or appreciatively. Try to slow down once in a while, and let a meal nourish your body and all of your senses. Finally – especially on meat-free Mondays – try to eat more sustainably and compassionately.

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