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Bats Love Mulberry Leaves
by KindMeal.my, 18 February 2016
Bats Love Mulberry Leaves

When bat-lovers go to the aviary they try to stop off and collect mulberry leaves for the bats. As you can see, they're very popular.

This is at the Shoalhaven Bat Clinic in the mini-creche cage. The hand raised-orphans too young for the big cage are here, pending growing up a bit. Winny is the creche father -- he is a calm, older male who supervises the babies and watches out for them. He's there if they fall or if they're upset.

Visit the Shoalhaven Bat Clinic's page to see what they do. Donate if you feel the urge.

We hope that by posting videos like this one, people will slowly overcome their fear of bats. Over the centuries, bats have got an unfairly bad reputation. In truth, they play a very important role in our ecosystem -- not to mention that they're darned cute!

So after you've finished watching these guys snarfing down their salad, you should go to http://KindMeal.my to find a lovely, plant-based meal of your own. You can eat it upside down or right-side up, as you choose.

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