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Ayam Cemani
by KindMeal.my, 09 November 2014
Ayam Cemani

Nature offers so much wonder. Unusual species found deep in the jungle or desert can make your jaw drop — and sometimes even farm animals can seem unreal.

Pictures of these beautiful, glossy black chickens certainly look like products of Photoshop, but they're genuine. The breed, ayam cemani, originated in Indonesia, on the island of Java. These bird are completely black — completely!

The ayam cemani chickens have black bones, black muscle tissue, black organs, black feathers, black eyes, black tongues and black beaks. The only part of them that is not black is their blood, which is still much darker than the typical chicken's. Their breed name keeps it simple: Ayam means chicken, and cemani means “completely black.”

So what makes this chicken breed look this way? This breed carries a genetic trait called fibromelanosis, which translates into black pigmentation. However, their eggs are not black. The shells of their eggs are white, or white with a slightly pinkish tint.

Some ayam cemani sell for more than $2,000, and you can find them in the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

If you're intrigued by the idea of black food but aren't keen on taking lives in the process, try one of the many veggie burgers now available in the Klang Valley – many of them are served on charcoal buns that are jet black. You can certainly find one on http://KindMeal.my/

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