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Emu Meets Sprinkler
by KindMeal.my, 06 March 2016
Emu Meets Sprinkler

Blacky the Emu meets a sprinkler. This appears to be a quite a new experience for him, but he is definitely intrigued. After a few moments of investigation, he concludes that he quite likes it. Then he falls madly in love with the thing. Mad is the key word here — actually, the emu totally loses it.

Ah well, it was glorious while it lasted!

Do you think birds are too brainless to have a sense of fun, enjoyment, pleasure? Think again! New research is cropping up every day to convince us that the term "birdbrain" is downright ignorant.

Chickens, turkeys, geese, emus and ostriches — all birds that we raise for their meat — are proving to have much greater brainpower than we've given them credit for. If this video brings a smile to your face, then return the favour to Blacky by choosing a plant-based dish for your next meal, rather than something with poultry.

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