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Best Friends: Man & Elephant
by KindMeal.my, 02 June 2016
Best Friends: Man & Elephant

Darrick is a caretaker at Elephant Nature Park and shares a touching friendship with Kham La, a young elephant at the sanctuary in Thailand.

That’s clearly demonstrated in this video clip. Watch as he calls out “Kham-Lha!” and the elephants trumpet happily in response. Soon after, the whole herd is running towards him.

Obviously, Darrick and the elephants have developed a mutual trust — they trust that he won't harm them, and he trusts that they won't crush him. If you'd like to avoid harming animals, a great way to start is by eating fewer of them. You'll soon discover that meat-free dining can be every bit as nutritious and delicious, plus you get the feel-good knowledge that you're eating compassionately.

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