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Animals in the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards
by KindMeal.my, 27 December 2014
Animals in the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

Each year the Sony World Photography Awards opens up a competition for photographers all around the globe – novices, youths, and professionals.

Of the 15 best photos from the open category, six featured animals. Clockwise from upper left:

"Dinner": Canadian-based photographer Kyle Breckenridge took this awesome photo of a mother and her cub. They are Spirit Bears that live in parts of British Columbia, Canada.

“Hi… Who Are You?”: Georg May from Germany submitted his photo of a curious Blue Tit bird checking out its reflection in the water.

"Orangutan In The Rain": Indonesia-based Photographer Andrew Suryono shares of his magical photo, “I was taking pictures of some Orangutans in Bali and then it started to rain. Just before I put my camera away, this Orangutan took a banana leaf and put it on top on his head to protect himself from the rain!”

"In A Crowd Of King Penguins": Photographer Lisa Vaz from Portugal captured this image in South Georgia, a small island in the South Atlantic Ocean. She says of her entry, “This image aims to capture and reflect how gracious and colorful wildlife can be even at the ends of the Earth.”

"Timeless Affection": The photographer of this portrait is Arief Siswandhono, and the girl in the picture is her daughter, Fina. Fina was once terrified of cats, but after her parents adopted 2 kittens her life was changed. Fina now considers the cats her best friends.

"Morning Hour": German photographer Georg May (yes, again!) snapped this gorgeous and mystical photo of a white fallow deer in Eifel National Park, Germany.

If these award-winning photos captivate you and remind you of the beauty and diversity of life on earth, it's time to consider the number of animals you consume... They too are beautiful and important parts of the global ecosystem! It's not difficult to reduce the amount of meat in your diet, especially with the compassionate, meat-free meals on offer at the very diverse dining outlets that partner with http://KindMeal.my.

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