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Save Finding Dory
by KindMeal.my, 16 June 2016
Saving Dory

Pixar’s “Finding Dory,” out June 13, might literally take fish out of water.

Australian biologists fear that the regal blue tang — the Dory of the title, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres — may go the way of the clownfish after “Finding Nemo” came out in 2003.

Scientists say that when demand for the vibrant species skyrockets, the fish are often taken from the wild through harmful practices.

“In places like Southeast Asia, they use … cyanide,” Anita Nedosyko, a marine biologist, told the Brisbane Times. “It stuns the fish — it makes it easier to catch them.” “I was shocked by how many people came in to get clownfish when [‘Finding Nemo’] was released,” she continues. “There was a 30 percent increase [in sales], and the concern for us is that we are going to start seeing a resurgence in popularity for that population with not just clownfish, but also ‘Dory,’ the regal blue tang.”

The regal blue tang is more vulnerable than the clownfish and unless we learn about the consequences, we may not find any more wild Dorys in the future. So share this video to everyone is you really love Dory!

And here's the Finding Dory animation trailer: https://youtu.be/oddWuCHBmzA

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