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Beautiful Bond of Children & Animals
by KindMeal.my, 12 March 2015
Beautiful Bond of Children & Animals

Professional child and family photographer, Elena Karneeva, captured beautiful photos of children and animals that are on a whole different level.

Rather than just taking pictures of kids with their pets, which we've all seen countless times, Karneeva photographed them with wild animals - some of which may not be your idea of "completely harmless" creatures.

But using baby animals as her subjects, that are indeed docile and harmless, the Moscow-based photographer aims to show the beautiful trust-based bond between children and animals, wild or not, that we as adults eventually end up losing somewhere along the way.

For more amazing photos by Karneeva, visit https://500px.com/karneeva

If we could learn to admire and respect the magnificent beauty of these animals, there would be much less sufferings for our animal friends that share this planet.

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