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UberCHIRP — Meet Fluffy Chicks!
by KindMeal.my, 21 December 2016
In collaboration with Uber and Farm In The City 城の农场, cute chicks were chauffeured to offices and homes in Klang Valley on Dec 19th, letting urbanites experience how sweet these fluffy friends are!

This campaign aims to foster compassion by establishing a stronger bond with farm animals, through education and interaction. A total of 5 teams made the trips, with 3 chicks per car.

Each session kickstarted with an explanation on compassion towards farm animals and the benefits of meat-free lifestyle, as well as guidelines on gently interacting with these chicks.

The feedback was absolutely amazing. Many people commented that they never realized chickens were so adorable and friendly, and they would definitely try their best to reduce meat consumption.

The chicks featured in this campaign are 2 - 3 months old, incubated at Farm In The City sanctuary, and are used to daily human interaction. They were given hourly rests and feeding breaks, and after the 5-hour event, were returned to the sanctuary where they will roam freely together with other farm animals.

Thank you to our compassionate partners, hardworking volunteers and kind participants. We hope these sweet, fluffy moments will be cherished, and more compassion will be showered upon the lovely farm animals.

Learn more about the campaign at: http://KindMeal.my/UberCHIRP

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