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Happy Save the Frogs Day!
by KindMeal.my, 27 April 2015
Happy Save the Frogs Day!

Four decades after Kermit the Frog sang "It's not easy being green", amphibians worldwide know all too well how he felt. And it's not just difficult to be green; these are hard times for frogs of any color.

Frogs and toads today face a gauntlet of environmental threats, part of what the International Union for Conservation of Nature calls an "amphibian extinction crisis". Nearly one-third of Earth's 6,485 amphibian species are on the brink of extinction, according to California-based Save the Frogs.

One of the biggest factors in this has been the deadly chytrid fungus, which is blamed for declines or extinctions of more than 200 amphibian species. But the plight of frogs and toads is also compounded by many other dangers. Deforestation, wetland loss and climate change are wiping out their habitats; pollution and pesticides are permeating their skin; invasive species are stealing their food; and overharvesting for food and pets is draining their gene pools.

Save the Frogs Day is held annually on the last Saturday in April, organized by Save the Frogs and celebrated from Oregon to Ghana to Bangladesh. To honor the holiday, please refrain from eating Kermit's embattled brethren. And why not take it a step further and refrain from eating meat of any kind? After all, a key factor in the destruction of frogs' habitat is clearing land to raise farm animals.

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