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"The smell hits me. Countless flies whirl around my head. My eyes need a moment to ad..
by Animal Equality, 22 June 2017
"The smell hits me. Countless flies whirl around my head. My eyes need a moment to adjust to the darkness. I close the door behind me, there is no way out.

I am in a long corridor from which doors go left and right. Slowly I begin to walk down the aisles and begin to wonder what is behind all these doors. Again and again, I hear the sound of choking or coughing. If I didn't know I was in a pig factory farm I would think I'm in a hospital full of very sick people.

I open a door on my left. I try not to shine a light as to not startle the animals. The stench of ammonia is so strong I'm forced to hold back coughs. My sounds frighten the animals. They back away from me but my eyes still manage to lock with theirs. 'What does this man want?' they seem to say. 'Will he hurt us too?'

I continue to walk further down the aisle, never dropping eye contact from these frightened animals - a huge mistake. I feel my foot bump into something. Something soft. I jump back and recognize in the light of my headlamp a huge body in front of me. A shiver runs down my spine. I force myself not to run away.

Slowly, the light of my headlamp scans the lifeless body in front of me. An iron chain hangs on the feet of this tortured soul. Her body shows advanced signs of decomposing, her abdomen is swollen and covered with black and blue spots.

I don't think I've ever smelled a worse stench. I can literally still smell it. I get myself together and manage to get my camera out of my backpack.

I am here to give the forgotten souls a voice. I am here to document the daily horrors of animals bred and killed for food.

It breaks my heart to leave these helpless beings here in this hellhole, but I know I cannot save them. What I can do is bring their suffering to light. So that something finally changes.

Please support the work of Animal Equality so that we can continue to give animals a voice."

--Animal Equality Investigator

PLEASE help give animals a voice --> www.animalequality.org/donate

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