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What does GEKIL mean? Revolution? What is going on here? Let's find out... Oh... It turns out that there is a vegetarian revolution here... Next to Kota Damansara CIMB Bank, there is a new concept style of vegetarian restaurant — GEKIL. There are more than 100 kinds of delicious signature dishes. Revolution# — As the name suggests, it is revolution, innovation! GEKIL has led a new concept of vegetarian revolution. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that vegetarianism is not so simple! The vegetarian food here has 100% Character, 100% Connotation, and 100% Accent. Here you can satisfy your taste buds; Here you can meet your satisfaction of capturing nice moment through your camera; Here you can also fulfill your healthy diet. Vegetarians can have a tone; Vegetarian can also have flavor; Vegetarians can have more personality; "Vegetarianism is not that simple" — This is a vegetarian revolution and GEKIL's vegetarian declaration! The fusion of Local, Chinese, Chinese and Western cooking methods has launched a new challenge to traditional vegetarian food. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that vegetarianism is not lackluster. Come to GEKIL to enjoy a gluttonous vegetarian feast. The taste is rich and soulful, and at the same time delicious, it can avoid the obesity and three high risks brought by meat, and make our life healthy and colorful. There are dishes called meals and very unique vegetarian hot pot. You can choose from more than 50 kinds of hot pot ingredients. You can mix and match a variety of special soup bases. The pure natural ingredients without MSG, no additives and no five spicy are carefully boiled. The taste is mellow and very distinctive, and there are free free-style sauces for you to choose from a variety of flavors. Come to #GEKIL# to be vegetarian without stress, enjoy vegetarianism, fall in love with vegetarianism, vegetarianism is not so simple, it turns out that vegetarian food can be so delicious. Five Star Recommendation GEKIL is a vegan restaurant without the five pungents, vegans can enjoy it with a peace of mind. _______________________________________________ 革GEKIL? 什么意思? 革命? 到底这里在搞什么? 让小编来一探究竟... 噢噻…原来这里兴起了一场素食革命... Kota Damansara CIMB银行隔壁 新开了一家全新概念的格调素食餐厅 这里有100多种丰富的菜品 道道都是招牌菜。 革# — 顾名思义是革命、革新! GEKIL引领了一场全新概念的素食革命。 你会惊喜的发现,原来吃素并没有那么简单。 这里的素食 100% 有性格,100% 有内涵,100% 有腔调。 这里可以满足你的味蕾 这里可以满足你的相机 这里也可以满足你的健康 吃素可以有腔调 吃素也是可以有风味 吃素更可以有性格 “吃素并没有那么简单”这是一场素食革命 也是GEKI的素食宣言。 这里融合了本地、中国、中式以及西式的烹饪方法向传统素食发起了一轮全新的挑战。你会惊喜的发现吃素并不寡淡。 来GEKIL用餐可以享受到一场饕餮的素食盛宴。口味丰富又具有灵魂,好吃的同时,又可以避免肉类带来的肥胖以及三高风险, 让我们的生活健康又不失色彩。 这里有叫菜吃饭还有非常独特的素食火锅., 50多种丰富的火锅料任你选择. 多种特色汤底随意搭配, 无味精无添加剂无五辛的纯天然食材精心熬制而成,口感醇厚,非常有特色,还有免费的自由式酱料吧多种口味的酱料任你选择 来#革GEKIL#无压力吃素 享受吃素 爱上吃素,吃素没有那么简单,原来素食也可以这样好吃。 推荐指数五颗星 — 爆赞 GEKIL是一间没有五辛的纯素餐厅,纯素食者可以安心享用
No. 49-G, Jalan PJU 5/20, The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 11am - 10pm

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