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FatJedi at Miam Miam One Utama:
Apple & Granola pancake. Signature dessert with ice-cold vanilla gelato that melts in your mouth, paired with granny & smith apple..
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FatJedi at Private Kitchen:
Portuguese-style sawdust pudding. The "sawdust" is basically fine brown coconut shreds, sandwiched by layers of creamy pudding.
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FatJedi at Secret Recipe @ Phileo Damansara 1:
Tea time.. a slice of chocolate cheese berries cake coupled with steaming hot latte. Cakes are 50% off if you order a coffee.
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FatJedi at Porcélene:
Cool glasses of... ice water, must have been distorted by the strong gravitational force in the restaurant. Drinks served are nic..
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FatJedi at Miss Ellie Tea House:
Cozy cottage tea house Miss Ellie, buried deep within Taman Melawati, right beside the mountains. Serving freshly grounded coffee..
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