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Black Canyon Malaysia
Dec 16th 2014, 7:00PM
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Fans of coffee would LOVE this.

In Malaysia, we would express our delight by saying "wah very kau ah!" means very impactful which literary means "that's a good cup o'coffee!!" *inserts British accent*

It was a delight to discover this at of all place .. (wait for it..), one of the best strong coffee was at a Thai restaurant! Yes!

Black Canyon an established F&B chain from Thailand is well known for it's speciality coffee grown, customized from Thailand.

Although I am not a coffee fan, I know a good cup of coffee when I taste one because I started making coffee since I was in pre-school (that's another story of course). Anyway this cup of Black Canyon Ice Coffee came in a big mug. When I saw big, it's the size of almost 4 tennis ball (aka 3 mouse). Toppings of coffee flakes is tantalizing to the eyes & aromatic smell is enough to kick start any engine in the morning.

Price wise, let's say it's more expensive than a normal cup of mamak iced kopi & less expensive thn. a cup of anything from Starbucks.
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FatJedi   Dec 16th 2014 at 11:15PM
I like the coffee at Black Canyon too... especially the ones infused with alcohol like Jamaican Blue
jotsdots   Dec 17th 2014 at 12:00AM
Just went there again. Their chocolate drink & fruit smoothie is awesome. Even better thn most commercial place
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