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Binions Kitchen
Dec 18th 2014, 12:55PM
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Pan seared garlicky "scallops". Hahahahaha. Juicy and fragrant!
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FatJedi   Dec 18th 2014 at 1:18PM
Interesting.. What are those scallops made of, mushrooms? I will usually be the one that finishes all the garlic in such dishes hahaha
BluePenguin   Dec 18th 2014 at 3:03PM
hahaha, yup. The mushrooms are those with a mini cap but with huge fat stalks.
PiggyLovesToEat   Dec 18th 2014 at 10:53PM
Wow, I never had vegetarian scallops before!
BluePenguin   Dec 19th 2014 at 1:10AM
hahahah I just say scallops to trick my guy friends who knows how to eat only hahaha
PiggyLovesToEat   Dec 19th 2014 at 1:41PM
Lol, did they believed?
BluePenguin   Dec 20th 2014 at 12:34AM
yes they did hahahahaha, until they saw the mushroom caps.
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