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KindMeal is collaborating with social influencers to encourage meat-free lifestyle, improving animal welfare, health and environment together. Here are our featured Lifestyle Ambassadors, who are actively promoting meat-free dining to their audience. Check out the pages and reviews of these inspiring role models!

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Host   •   Emcee   •   Columnist
Choo Mei Sze has been pursuing her PhD in Developmental Psychology in the US — with her dissertation on cyber bullying, an issue close to her heart.

Both locally and internationally, she has hosted, emceed, acted, modeled, done voice-overs for major brands and graced the covers of notable Malaysian magazines. The multi-faceted Mei Sze also writes columns for MYC magazine, The Sun Daily- Gear Up and KL Lifestyle Magazine.

As a recent cancer survivor, she has been very vocal on her support for cancer awareness. Besides raising awareness on issues pertaining to youth through the media, it is her fervent desire to continue to advocate for funds for cancer support and awareness in Malaysia.
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Vegan Chef   •   Host   •   Actress •   Fitness Enthusiast
A communications graduate, Davina Goh's acting career spans 16 years in theatre, TV, digital media, radio and film. Davina has had experience in numerous other fields including teaching, playwriting, spoken word and dance.

In 2010, she was a newscaster and travel host for Myanmar's first English TV station, covering news of the country's first general election in 25 years and the release of political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi. In 2013, Davina left her full-time job of nine years to train with 32nd Generation warrior monks in Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, China for 8 months. Upon her return, she worked as regular radio announcer on Malaysian airwaves for a year.

She currently freelances as an emcee, performer, teacher and VoiceOver artiste. Her most recent endeavor was an 18km swim and kayak in open waters, successfully raising RM23,000 for marine conservation.

Her interests include animal welfare, voluntary simplicity, vegan cooking, volunteer work, fitness and travel. She is excited and honoured to be a ambassador.
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FlyFM DJ   •   Host •   Fitness Enthusiast
Magdeline Wang, better known as Maggy Wang is a radio presenter at FLYFM, host/emcee and a health and fitness enthusiast. Here's a little background on how this country girl came out to make it big in the city.

Shortly after moving to Kuala Lumpur to pursue her tertiary education, she was scouted by the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization who was having their roadshow, in search for their next Malaysian Queen. With absolutely no expectation, she got through the rounds of auditions and survived BeautyCamp Season 1; the first ever pageant reality TV show in South East Asia which was aired on Astro Hitz. Maggy emerged as one of the Top 8 Finalist of the Miss Malaysia Universe 2012. Although she did not bag home the coveted crown, she didn't leave the competition with nothing. In fact, it was only the beginning for her lifelong journey. The one-month of filming the reality show has polished her soft skills and made her realize her love for presenting. At the mere age of 19, she knew what she wanted to do and what it takes to pursue her dreams. The eager beaver in her just couldn't wait until graduation, hence she spoke to the National Director of MUMO then, Andrea Fonseka; who was the "greatest mentor I've ever had", she claims. Andrea told her, "Maggy, you should do TV but you need to polish up the way you speak first. Why don't you try radio?". As they say, the rest is history.

Maggy has also received several recognitions for her contributions throughout the years. She was named one of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers by Esquire Magazine Malaysia (2013) and recently named one of Malaysia's Top 10 Most Inspiring Female Personalities (2014). Besides writing and talking on the radio, Maggy have also emceed numerous events, campaigns, carnivals and reality show. She has also appeared on talkshows such as Grandstand Arena, Bella NTV7, and Football Overload. You may have also caught a glimpse of her on AXN Channel during their Asia-wide CELEBRASIA Campaign. Apart from that, Maggy has also strutted down runways, acted in television commercials as well as TV series - Shout Awards Nominated "WHAT IF', directed by Jehan Miskin on 8TV. She actively shares her passion on health and fitness on her Instagram (@magdelinewang), check out her hashtag #movewithmaggy and join in the fun!

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Chef   •   Vegetarian Evangelist
Hi! I'm May, a lacto-ovo vegetarian who loves food and is constantly thinking of creating interesting new dishes that are meat-free to share with people around me. I may not be the best cook, but I'm definitely a cook with Love.

My love for cooking led me to create the latest Popular Vegetarian Meatless KFC (using Mushrooms) which is very well received among the vegetarian society (Tutorial here). Not to mention, I love animals (that is why I'm not eating them), and I have a Netherland Dwarf (LuLu) with me since 2014 adopted from my friend, after being rescued from near death.

I'm happy to collaborate with and being a KindMeal user, as they advocate and encourage meat-free dining among Malaysian food lovers, and some say Singapore. =)

Please Visit or download their mobile app for tasty meat-free deals.

'Say No to Meat. Sharing is Caring.'
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Singer   •   Model   •   Emcee   •   Actor
I love singing, modelling and performing. My journey has been exciting — I started out singing at Astro Star Quest, and even had my own dance group.

One of my proudest achievements was representing Malaysia in Seoul, Korea for a TV show organised by FOX International Channels. Experiences such as acting in movies/short films and modelling for brands such as Kinder Bueno, Canon, Ogawa etc have been an eye opener for me.

Life has been a wonderful journey for me, but nothing can be more amazing than helping animals. I'm proud to be an animal lover and also a proud KindMeal user!
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