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The Superhero Guide

Become A Superhero
You don't need to envy the Superheroes in movies anymore. Now, YOU can become a real Superhero too and save lives!

All you need to do is enjoy tasty meat-free meals, share KindMoments and encourage your friends to do so, and you'll automatically earn yourself a Superhero status on KindMeal.

Win Exclusive Superhero Gifts
For May 2024, 10 lucky Superheroes that have achieved Spiderman status and above at the end of the month will be selected to win the KindMeal Superhero 10cm x 6cm luggage tag!

Every Fifty (50) points earned automatically qualifies you for One (1) Lucky Draw entry.

Winners can select from any one of the following Superhero designs, subject to availability. Gift will be posted to winner free of charge.

The Superhero Ranks
There are a range of Superheroes you can transform into, depending on your Experience Points. The top ranks will also receive a Superhero Medal that will be displayed on your profile and headshot at various locations.

SuperheroLevelExperience PointsMedal
Captain America250None
Iron Man5260

Your Superhero Profile
Superhero statistics are displayed on each member's profile:
  • Lives Saved: Total lives saved by member and their referred friends. This is calculated from the KindMeal coupons used and KindMoments posted.
  • Power Level: Determined by the Experience Points (XP) earned over the past 30 days. Each KindMeal activity generates a certain number of points (more details at Earning Experience Points section)
  • Superhero Rank: Current Superhero rank, determined by the Power Level. You will also receive a Superhero Medal when you achieve the Top 3 Levels, displayed on your profile and headshot at various locations. You can also share (a.k.a. show off) your achieved Superhero rank on social media.

Earning Experience Points
Your Power Level depends on the Experience Points (XP) earned over the past 30 days. There are a number of ways to increase your XP:
  • Deals (50 - 100 XP): You will earn 50 XP for every KindMeal deal used, or 100 XP for featured deals.
  • KindMoments (10 XP): You will earn 10 XP for every KindMoment posted.
  • Interactions (1 XP): You will earn 1 XP for every KindMoment comment posted.
  • Social Buzz (1 XP): You will earn 1 XP whenever a unique friend clicks on any KindMeal shop, deal, menu or moment links you share on social media. To share a page, please login to your KindMeal account and click on any of the Share buttons within the page (see illustration below).

Top Superheroes
Here are some of the top Superheroes actively saving lives on KindMeal. Bravo for their kindness and courage!

Note: XP points are updated every few hours, not in real-time, and may be adjusted for duplicate or invalid entries.
Credits: Minion superhero illustrations are the creations of Kevin Lam.

Be A Superhero Now. May The Force Be With You.
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