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Apr 7th 2015, 8:47AM
JoeyLee,  PiggyLovesToEat,  FatJedi  &  1 food lover like this    
Hazelnut cream cake and chocolates from moonlight cafe and confectionary.

"Nasi Lemak" I got fooled by. I actually got tricked into this surprise by asking me to teman for supper at a really odd location, at a really weird hour. Hehe

Was really happy but pretty stiff at the same time. Some progress for a penguin with Frangapane phobia.

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Tiffany   Apr 7th 2015 at 2:17PM
happy birthday
BluePenguin   Apr 7th 2015 at 5:57PM
Ooo haha thank you all! It is over already.
FatJedi   Apr 7th 2015 at 6:35PM
Very elegant and classy looking piece of birthday cake!
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 8th 2015 at 1:08AM
Penguin also doesn't like hazelnut (other than almond)?
JoeyLee   Apr 8th 2015 at 10:45AM
Happy Birthday too!
BluePenguin   Apr 8th 2015 at 11:54AM
I dun like hazelnut! Hahaha Siew Khian remembers! Mua... Hahaha yes I love almonds.
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 8th 2015 at 1:55PM
Hahaha, I thought you don't like almonds too! 😜 so your friends bought you the wrong cake haha! Or they did it on purpose? 😜
BluePenguin   Apr 8th 2015 at 1:58PM
Hahahaha I don't like nuts in general except almonds and cashews. But not very particular until I don't eat the nuts if is served.
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 8th 2015 at 2:02PM
Me love all nuts! Hehe 😁
BluePenguin   Apr 8th 2015 at 2:11PM
Noted hahaha
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