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Medifoods Nutritious Meals
Medifoods   -   Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Jun 11th 2015, 2:04PM
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PiggyLovesToEat   Jun 11th 2015 at 7:43PM
This is the price after discount? How do they count btw?
ChanKahYein   Jun 12th 2015 at 8:45AM
RM10,40 x 0.7 = RM7.28. After rounding up, it is RM7.30.
FatJedi   Jun 12th 2015 at 12:49PM
Very worth it for a healthy, organic meal!
Medifoods   Jun 12th 2015 at 3:33PM
Thanks chan Kah yein & FataJedi.
Siew Khian Ng, you can choose 4 types of meat free dishes for our lunch Capfan and on top of that you get a free soup and fruits to complete the healthy balance meal ^^.
FatJedi   Jun 12th 2015 at 3:38PM
That's really awesome and value for money indeed, gotta share this with my friends!
BluePenguin   Jun 12th 2015 at 3:56PM
Oooo, this makes the penguin happy hahaha. Such a worthy meal. I am going to go there soon! Muahahahaha πŸ˜πŸ˜‡ hope I can still look sexy after that.
MeiMei   Jun 12th 2015 at 5:40PM
Oh well organic chapfan is interesting! the affordable price, I'm excited to try it out soon!
Medifoods   Jun 13th 2015 at 11:35AM
Thanks for the support guys!
Don't forget to checkout our breakfast buffet and our Aalacarte menu. ☺️
PiggyLovesToEat   Jun 13th 2015 at 2:54PM
I wish there's a branch next to my office area!
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