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Dec 14th 2014, 1:02PM
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Vegetarian meal from Hong Kee Vegetarian. The 'chicken' even have fake bone made from sugar cane :)
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FatJedi   Dec 14th 2014 at 1:04PM
Congratulations, you won a carrot! Please drop by our booth to collect it, and thanks for your support!
PiggyLovesToEat   Dec 14th 2014 at 1:25PM
Congrats! We can see that you purposely went for vegetarian just for the carrot! And you deserved it! Thanks for adopting our crying carrot! Put a smile on her face!☺
PiggyLovesToEat   Dec 14th 2014 at 1:27PM
Wow, the chicken so realistic! Even got fake bones lol! Good job from Hong Kee!
FatJedi   Dec 14th 2014 at 1:34PM
Enjoy your cute crying carrot and keep up the good work, Cherane! Please check out the delicious offers available on KindMeal and good luck winning the iPad!
BluePenguin   Dec 14th 2014 at 2:40PM
I want the fake bone hahaha
CheraneChristopher   Dec 21st 2014 at 8:47PM
Hahaha I just realised the comments here. I love my crying carrot! He's happier in Sabah with my dolphin. But my panda is eyeing him. (Yes, I have a lot of stuffed toys)
FatJedi   Dec 21st 2014 at 8:49PM
Wow, sounds like you have a very happening zoo back in Sabah! Btw, sorry we had to remove a couple of KindMoments of yours that have squid and prawns... seafood is considered meat too, as long as they are derived from animals :)
CheraneChristopher   Dec 21st 2014 at 8:54PM
Okey, no problem. Hehehe
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