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Davina Da Vegan
Apr 16th 2020, 12:10PM
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May I introduce you to the cutest lil mushrooms in the world? The Split Gill Mushroom, known in Malaysia as ‘cendawan kukur’, is a native fungus popular with past generations. It has taken a step back to make way for the popularity of other commercial shroom types like portabello and king oyster. I was introduced to this little part of our food heritage a few years ago by my permaculturist friend @kelefeh, who has friends trying to bring the wee ‘gillies’ back into local culinary consciousness. I was so happy to spot them at my last market run and just had to buy some! They are typically incorporated into a spicy ‘lemak’ dish (coconut milk stew), but I put them into a dry rendang curry and their chewiness made for a satisfying dish. Random trivia: gillies have over 20,000 sex types for mating.
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