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Davina Da Vegan
Jun 14th 2021, 8:10PM
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People have been asking me for years if I know how to make tempeh. I suppose I wasn’t at that part of my food journey to be courageous enough to experiment with something as intimidating as mould (yes, that white stuff in between the beans is actually edible mould!). I’m so glad I got there!

This is my second attempt of tempeh-making using Adzuki, Soybean and Green Kernel Black Beans. And because I know that they are organic (I source my beans package-free from @thehivebulkfoods and @nudezerowaste), I can even eat my tempeh raw! It’s considered a living food and packed with gut-healthy probiotics which die in high heat from frying, steaming and roasting. I’ve gotten used to the spongey uncooked texture and it makes my salads so deliciously hearty.

I ‘cheated’ using a dehydrator which is a controlled environment and can create consistent results. The next big test for me is to try fermenting using good ol’ fashioned Malaysian weather!

Regardless of how you learn, it’s such an empowering process. If you ever come across a tempeh-making workshop, I highly recommend it! And if I come across any I’ll put it up in my IG stories too.
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