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Davina Da Vegan
Aug 24th 2021, 6:10PM
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Have you tried freezing your firm tofu yet? Freezing creates water crystals in the tofu, and when they are left to melt, it leaves behind pockets of air and creates an even sturdier tofu. This kitchen hack has changed the game for tofu lovers, who liken the thawed-out texture to be similar to chicken! I personally don’t agree, but I do know that the freezing technique creates a chewier, spongier tofu that is fantastic for absorbing the sauces you love. Make sure you squeeze out the water gently before cooking.
I had fun making breaded tofu and replacing breadcrumbs with okara, the soy pulp left behind from soymilk making. (Soy is the ultimate shape shifter of the plant kingdom!) I made it a complete meal with tahini sauce soba and crispy fried ginger on top. Not the best photos I’ve taken due to contrast issues, but to me it’s still better than not sharing plant-based applications at all! If you live by this tofu hack, I’d love to know your favourite ways of enjoying it!
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